What is Confirmation?

When most of us were baptized, our parents and sponsors made promises on our behalf. Confirmation is the process by which people who could not make these promises to God as children prepare to take them on as their own promises.

At Holy Cross, Confirmation is a 2 year program that begins in fall of the student's 7th grade year and culminates in the affirmation of baptism worship on Reformation Day of their 9th grade year.

We gather on Wednesday nights (Student Ministry Night) from 7:00-8:30 for an active, youth-focused worship with all the middle and high school youth. Then the Confirmation students will have a time of learning with one of the pastors before breaking off into small groups for reflection on the day's topic, sharing what's going on in their lives, and praying for one another. 


Through Confirmation, we aim to help students grow in their understanding of faith, connect their faith to their lives, and practice living their faith in the world.  


We do this through:





Faith Sharing





Our goal is for the young people and adults involved in Confirmation to develop a relationship with Christ and with each other. Through those relationships, individuals will grow in their understanding of God’s boundless love and grace for each of them.