Sharing Your Spiritual Gifts

Volunteering and Discipleship

dis·ci ple·ship  -  Embracing and assisting in spreading the teaching of another.  

The church is the Body of Christ, built on the time, talents and financial gifts of all of us!  As members of Holy Cross and disciples of Jesus Christ, we all share a commitment to spreading God’s word and sharing God’s love in the world. To live our lives in and for Christ in both church and society - that’s at the heart of discipleship.

Spiritual Gifts - What Are They?

Scripture tells us that  Spiritual Gifts are enablements or capacities that are divinely bestowed upon us and freely given by God, not earned or merited.  They are to be used for the benefit of others, for the purpose of building up God’s church.  There are many different Spiritual Gifts  and we might be blessed with one or more of these gifts.  As a disciple, our responsibility is to discern, experiment with and use our Spiritual Gifts.  What are your specific Spiritual Gifts?  Holy Cross is ready to help you discover these!

Below are links to our new Spiritual Gift Inventories.  There is one for adults, a separate one for middle school youth and another for theCrossing or high school youth.  After you complete the inventory, press the Submit button.  Once we receive your inventory we will contact you to schedule a time to review your Spiritual Gifts and discuss where God might be calling you to serve in the life of the church and God’s people both locally and around the world.  

Adult Spiritual Gifts Inventory

Confirmation Spiritual Gifts Inventory

theCrossing Spiritual Gifts Inventory

The link below will provide you with a matrix that will help you find opportunities to use your gifts in areas of ministry that you are passionate about.

Spiritual Gifts / Ministry Matrix

How To Share Your Spiritual Gifts

Volunteer opportunities are abundant at Holy Cross!  We have 40+ ministries and hundreds of ways you can use your time, talents and gifts to serve.  We trust that you will find a number opportunities to use your Spiritual Gifts to serve in areas you are passionate about! If you have any questions, please call the church office at 262-251-2740.